What happens if we release sperm daily

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friends today we will know  What happens if we release sperm daily. Friends, in this article today, we will tell you everything about masturbation like all things like the benefits of masturbation, “disadvantages of releasing sperm daily “the disadvantages of masturbating, the side effects of masturbation, and if you are willing to watch porn or masturbation addiction. If you have been a victim, now if you have come here then do not take tension because I am with you and will help you get rid of all these habits.

What happens if we release sperm daily ⇒ 

Friends, let us tell you that masturbating is not a wrong thing because everyone in this world has masturbated whether male or female, but friends if masturbation is done within 3-4 weeks. Perfect because it has no effect on our body, but when a person starts masturbating about 3-4 times a day, it becomes harmful and then we get sick in our body in many ways. . . It seems, = our body starts to get very lean, we get pimples on our mouth, and we start getting shingles, our hair falls, we feel dizzy while walking, and all the troubles start happening to us.

Loss of musterbation ⇒ ( How to gain weight fast with guarantee)

1= Our body starts thinning.

2=  Pimples appear on our faces. (Remove pimples )

3=  Ringworm and itching starts in our body

4=  Our hair starts falling. 9 reasons for hair fall

5=  We feel dizzy and it’s like more problems. 

Benefits of musterbation ⇒ 

focus = Friends, while there are many disadvantages of masturbating, there are some advantages of masturbation. Yes, friends, you are reading right. There are some benefits of masturbating. (What happens if we release sperm daily)

1= Sleep is good after masturbating

2=  We forget all our stress while masturbating and we feel good.

3 = Improves blood circulation and prevents infection 

4= Protest protects against cancer

5= Improves body immunity 

How to get rid of masturbation ⇒

Friends, if you have an addiction to masturbation, then you will not have to get out of this addiction, otherwise you may get very upset in future, then friends are telling you some formula to quit masturbation and you follow them to control your addiction. can do .(What happens if we release sperm daily)

1= Don’t let yourself be alone

2= You start doing a lot of exercise or yoga

3 = you make some friends 

4= most important that u always think positive 

5= you never feel bad after doing musterbation 

focus ⇒ Friends, what we have told in this article is 100% correct, if you have any doubt, then you can ask by commenting, and you must tell the comment maker about this information.

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