How can I overcome masturbation and porn addiction

Important point⇒

Friends, today we will tell in this article. What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday, Friends, in every country, the youth of that country is the future of that country and that country is also dependent on its youth, in such a situation, they have a lot of trouble in taking the right decision and they become victims of some addiction. . . The

worst of these is the addiction to masturbation, towards which young people are attracted very quickly and start masturbating at an early age. Girls masturbate less than boys.

Earlier youth were not so much attracted towards masturbation because earlier, not every man or youth had so much internet facility but today youth and kids also have an android phone and internet pack. And in today’s time, porn videos are easily found on the internet,

How do we get attracted to masturbation ⇒

In today’s digital age almost everyone has an Android phone and because of cheap internet packs, when we are watching an informative video or looking for information on social media platforms. So somewhere on that page we get to see some romantic videos or other obscene things, whether it is YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platform, after watching that thing, we get attracted towards porn videos and internet. Huh. to become. If you start searching for porn videos, then after watching porn videos, you cannot stop yourself from masturbating and you do masturbation.

What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday

Disadvantage of masturbation ⇒

1♦ body becomes weak→ When you masturbate you feel that your energy is exhausted and you feel hungry, which makes your body weak.

What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday

2♦ self-hatred → Friends, you must have often felt that when you masturbate, you start hating yourself that I should not have done this, I did wrong, many such negative thoughts start rising in your mind, due to which your confidence starts to weaken. (What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday)

What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday

3♦ swelling of the penis→ Many times people start masturbating very fast, due to which the liquid water released from the semen goes into the muscles of the penis, due to which you feel swelling in the penis, this swelling persists until the water goes back into the blood go. Doing this repeatedly can lead to serious illness.

4♦ rupture of penis muscles→ Many times while masturbating, they start twisting by holding their penis firmly, they feel that by doing this their semen will not come out, but let us tell you that it is not right to do this at all, doing so can break their muscles. your gender. which is very delicate and your penis may even bend

5♦ to be under stress→ Friends when you masturbate, you start feeling tense and you also regret masturbating, which increases your mental stress.

What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday

6♦ decreased sperm count→ Friends when you masturbate regularly, then your sperm starts decreasing, due to which you are deprived of becoming a father.

7♦ quarrel with your partner→ Due to excessive masturbation at a young age, when you have sex after marriage, your semen comes out very quickly and you are not able to please your partner, due to which there is a fight between the two. (What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday)

What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday

8♦ impaired digestive system→ It is very important for our system to be right for good health. The digestive system is the machine of our body that squeezes the food and gives it to our body, due to which our body remains strong and powerful

9♦ cessation of arousal in the penis→ Over masturbation stops the stimulation in the penis, the tissues of the penis get hurt, they gradually get destroyed due to the injury and our penis stops arousal, friends, more than that, for a man shameful and what could be,

10♦ hair fall→ Friends, masturbating in excess has a very bad effect on our body as well as our hair, masturbating makes your hair fall, masturbation can be one of the biggest reasons for hair loss. (What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday)

What are the disadvantage of releasing sperm everyday

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