ways of preventing HIV /AIDS

What is HIV /AIDS⇒

H.I.V/ AIDS. The name is caused by the virus. that  what is HIV ?. Only after about 12 weeks of infection, the blood test indicates that the virus has entered the body, such a person has HIV. Positive says. HIV. A positive person seems normal for many years .and can lead a normal life, but is able to spread the disease to others .ways of preventing HIV /AIDS .This virus mainly affects the T cells  and brain cells present  in the blood providing protection to the body from external diseases and slowly destroys them after a few years . It is said that the body is not able to protect itself from the germs of common diseases and starts suffering from various types of infections. This condition is called AIDS. It is a very dangerous diseaseAIDSFor  whom is the risk  of  AIDS⇒

A = Person having sex with more than one person.

B = Person having sexual contact with prostitutes.

C = person taking drugs by injection. People  suffering from sexual diseases.

D = HIV of father / mother Children born after infection.

E = A person receiving untreated blood.

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How does AIDS spread⇒

A = H.I.V. Sexual contact with an infected person.

B = H.I.V. Use of infected syringes and needles by others.

ways of preventing HIV /AIDS


ways of preventing HIV /AIDS ⇒

A = Do not have sex with anyone other than life-partner.

B = Use condoms during sexual contact.

C = Do not use syringes and needles used by drug addicts.

D = Women with AIDS should not conceive, because the baby born to them can get this disease.

E = Do not take blood of unknown person when blood is required, and HIV for safe blood Take the investigated blood only.

F = Disposable syringes and needles and other medical devices are boiled in water for 20 minutes and sterilized only.

G = AIDS-incurable – prevention is treatment

HIV . Symptoms after infection⇒

A= HIV .  After 7 to 10 years in a positive person, symptoms of various diseases arise, in which these symptoms are mainly visible:

B= Swollen  glands in the throat or armpit.

C= Diarrhea decreases continuously for several weeks.

D= Fever  for several consecutive weeks.

E= Coughing week.

ways of preventing HIV /AIDS

F= To lose weight without reason.

G= Wound in the mouth.

H= Painful and itchy rash / rash on the skin.

I= All the above symptoms can also be caused by other common diseases, which can be treated.

J= From looking at someone Infection cannot be detected – until blood is checked

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