Treatment and prevention of malaria

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Friends, you will know in this article. When malaria is detected, what is malaria disease, causes of malaria, symptoms of malaria, and better treatment of malaria? Friends, millions of people die from malaria every year, this female mosquito bite spreads the disease. The word malaria is derived from the Italian language “Mala Area”. Which means bad air. It is a disease caused by Plasmodium. Treatment and prevention of malaria. (Treatment and prevention of malaria)

Treatment and prevention of malaria:

When was malaria discovered ⇒

Malaria discovery dr. Ronald Ross did it in the year 1897. Later Dr. Ronald Ross did a lot of research on this. And detected many diseases caused by this mosquito. The world’s oldest mosquito’s name was a female apostle. And the female mosquito was named Anaphylies .

What is malaria disease ⇒

Malaria is a dangerous infectious disease. Which also occurs in the form of fever. Malaria is caused by the bite of the female mosquito. A parasite called Plasmodium is found in this mosquito. Due to which mosquito bite spreads it in the blood. And gets malaria disease

Due to malaria ⇒

Friends, malaria is not caused by just one mosquito bite. But when you bite 10-5 mosquitoes continuously for 2-3 days, you will get malaria. Therefore, you should be cautious during the rainy season. And in the rainy season, you should wear clothes that cover the entire body.

symptoms of malaria ⇒

Friends, when you have malaria. Then you look at its splash. Such as – fever, headache. Body pain, nausea, vomiting, betrayal, fever sometimes comes down with sweat. But after a few hours, it rises again

How to check for malaria ⇒

Treatment and prevention of malaria.

 Friends, malaria is diagnosed by a blood test.

  Named by doctor microscope by making slides from the patient. Let’s check the parasite.

Today, with the latest technology, the Anti-apartheid card test can reduce the diagnosis of malaria.

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Better prevention of malaria ⇒

Use of mosquito repellent, and sprays.

Stop mosquito from growing. For this, take care of cleanliness around you.

  If you have dirty drains around your house, spray insecticide in it.

Wear clothes that cover the entire body to avoid mosquitoes during rainy days.

  Mosquitoes thrive more in dirty water, so clean the drains before the rain. And fill the pits.

  More mosquitoes breed during the rainy season. Have your doctor do a general checkup.

treatment of Malaria ⇒

Friends, you need to know this. That due to negligence in the treatment of malaria or if untreated timely treatment of malaria, a person can die. Every year millions of people are dying due to malaria in the world, so any malaria symptoms are seen. Get treated by a good doctor. The most successful and recognized drug for malaria is “Artemisia combination therapy”. It is a mixture of two medicines. Which not only cures the malaria patient. Rather, it prevents it from spreading from one person to another. Apart from this, “chloroquine and sulfa drugs” are also used to cure malaria victims. and paracetamol should be given to a person suffering from fever. so you also take care and remember all these information.

best injections =

doxycycline (Vibramycin, Oracea, Adoxa, Atridox),

quinine (Qualaquin)

Artemisia combination therapy

chloroquine and sulfa drugs

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