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Symptoms and treatment of fever

Symptoms and treatment of fever

Important point ⇒

Friends, today you will know what fever is. And how it happens, how much fever is beneficial for you, and how harmful. Today all your doubts related to fever will go away. And after reading this article, you will not have to go anywhere to know anything about fever. Just read and understand what we wrote in this article. Symptoms and treatment of fever

What is fever 

Friends fever is a common infection that must have happened to everyone at some time, friends, you all must know that the normal temperature of our body is 37°C. Whenever our body temperature goes above 37°C for some reason (due to rain, wetness, or extreme heat), it is called fever.

Symptoms and treatment of fever

What happens when there is fever ⇒

1 = Head and full-body pain   (9 reasons for hair fall)

2 = Tears come from eyes      ( How to quit smoking easily 100%)

3 = Does not feel like eating

4 = we feel dizzy

5 =We feel weakness all over the body   (Remove pimples with honey and lemon)

Due to fever ⇒  

1 ⇒ Immune system breakdown = When our immune system deteriorates, due to eating our junk food or any other reason, we may get a fever.

2 ⇒ Due to infection = There is also fever due to strep throat, flu, chickenpox, pneumonia, and any other infection.

3 ⇒ Injury, wound, sprain = We get fever even when there are injuries, wounds, and sprains in our body.

4 ⇒  Too cold or too hot = There is fever even when soaked in rain and working for too long in the sun.

5 ⇒ Due to alcohol = Yes friends, do not be surprised, drinking alcohol also causes fever. When you drink alcohol, you sweat. If you do not sweat while drinking alcohol, you may have a fever.

Symptoms and treatment of fever

Ways to avoid fever

1 =  You should not get wet in the rain otherwise you may get a fever  (How to gain weight in a month with guarantee)

2 = You should not do any work in the sun or in the hot summer.

3 = you should avoid eating injuries, wounds, and sprains while doing any work.  (Remove pimples with honey and lemon)

4 = You should wear strong and thick clothes during winter so that you do not get cold. Otherwise, you may get a cold fever

focus ⇒ Friends, we told you that fever also has some benefits. So when we have some antibiotic infections in our body, when we have a fever, our body temperature rises. And simple antibiotics die in our body. Friends, how did you like this comment?

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