best baby care tips for new moms

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Today we will tell you how to take care of a newborn baby after birth, how a new mother who is a mother for the first time should take care of her baby. And I assure you that after knowing our things, you will not need to know anything or go somewhere else. I will show you step by step How to take care of a  newborn baby

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How to take care of a newborn baby

 How to take care of a newborn baby ⇒

1 ⇒  The baby should give her mother’s milk 1 hour after her birth

2 ⇒ The baby should be fed once in 2-3 hours

3 ⇒ While feeding the baby, the entire body should be straight.

4 ⇒ While raising the baby on your lap, you should hold both arms and lift them carefully

5 ⇒  If the child is so small that it is impossible for him to change his sleep easily, then you should put him on a flatbed. How to quit smoking easily 100%

How to take care of newborn baby ⇒

6 ⇒  Baby clothes should be loose. And you should always wear your baby’s clean clothes.

7 ⇒  Baby should be protected from strong sun, strong hot air, excess cold, and other adverse conditions.

8 ⇒ The baby’s mother should eat nutritious food like green vegetables, fresh fruits, etc., which the child will get through the mother’s milk.  you don’t take tension your baby is always good because this tip is very effective

9  ⇒ The baby’s mother should not hesitate to eat green vegetables or other nutritious food, otherwise, in the future, the baby can avoid those things.

10 ⇒ After placing the child in the room, the windows of the room should be opened. So that the child always gets fresh air and oxygen equally.

11 ⇒ If the baby is hurt and has any health-related disturbances, do nothing yourself. Call a pediatrician immediately

How to take care of newborn baby ⇒

12 ⇒  All the clothes and wear of the baby should be washed regularly and dried well in the sun. you don’ take tension because this tips is very effective

13 ⇒ Cotton cloth should be used for baby’s nose, mouth, and other cleanings

14 ⇒ The excrement in baby clothes should be worn only after washing it thoroughly

15 ⇒ Always put the baby in dry clothes otherwise it can cause infection  9 reasons for hair fall

16 ⇒ By 6 months, the baby should be fed breast milk, otherwise, the baby may become upset later.

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Friends, whatever we have told you, if you follow all these steps for your child, then 100% of your child will be healthy. If you liked the article, then let us know by commenting

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