how to stop diarrhea in kids fast

how to stop diarrhea in kids fast

Important point⇒

Friends, we see that. how to stop diarrhea in kids fast. And we worry about our baby‘s health. Friends, in our country, many people suffer from diarrhea. But this is surprising. About 60% of the patients in it are baby below 5 years of age. baby are at greater risk of diarrhea, so friends, if you are also troubled by your baby‘s diarrhea, then do not be disturbed anymore, you too will be able to get rid of your baby‘s diarrhea due to this article. how to stop diarrhea in kids fast

Why do baby have diarrhea⇒

baby do not have diarrhea on their own. Your baby‘s diarrhea and some of our mistakes cause diarrhea in your baby. Like you brought any fruit from the market and fed it to the baby without washing it. After some time the food was kept open and then consumed. Because there is dirt in the baby’s nails. Do not wash hands thoroughly. The baby has diarrhea due to all these mistakes.

Symptoms of diarrhea⇒

Friends, the effect of diarrhea can be seen in your baby. You can find out by looking at these symptoms in your baby.

1= In case of diarrhea, there is mild swelling in the stomach of the baby.

2= Blood starts with baby potty 

3= Baby’s weight starts decreasing rapidly

4= The baby has a mild fever

5= Baby doesn’t feel hungry

how to stop diarrhea in kids fast

Treatment of diarrhea⇒

We are telling you some home remedies. Using which you will be able to cure your baby‘s diarrhea.

1. Banana = you give your baby banana juice

2. curd = Feed curd  to the baby, it will produce good bacteria in the baby and the baby will be fine.

3. Coconut water = give coconut water to the baby, which will meet the lack of water inside the baby.

4. Pomegranate = Give pomegranate juice to the baby.

5. Carrot = Give the baby a carrot juice. Or feed it in small pieces, if the baby can eat.

6. Honey = Feed the child by mixing honey in cold water.

7. Boiled Potatoes = Boiled Potatoes can also be fed to a baby.

8. Sago = Boil the sago in water and feed it.

9. Tea = baby can also drink ginger and rock salt tea

Important: If these home remedies don’t matter to your baby. Or if your child is not well, see a pediatrician immediately.

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