How Dangerous is the Coronavirus

Important Point ⇒

No one in life would have ever thought that a day would come when the whole world would have to be shut down, but the coronavirus has given rise to this unimaginable event in life, one day came in life that the whole world. Had to close for a few days. In this article, you will know. How Dangerous is the Coronavirus,  how coronavirus originated, from which country coronavirus originated, how coronavirus spreads, and how to avoid coronavirus?

How and where was the coronavirus born? ⇒

Coronavirus started in December 2019 from the city of Wuhan in China. The first patient of coronavirus was found in China. and then it spread all over the world

How Dangerous is the Coronavirus ⇒

Apart from the usual symptoms like fever, sore throat, cold, body muscle aches and fatigue, some other symptoms also appear in this wave.

How Dangerous is the Coronavirus

how does coronavirus spread

Coronavirus spreads through many means such as coming in contact with each other. You can get coronavirus due to touching an object by an infected person, talking to an infected person face to face, sneezing of an infected person, all these reasons. (How Dangerous is the Coronavirus)

ways to protect yourself from coronavirus ⇒ 

To protect us from coronavirus all over the world, the governments of all countries are implementing many rules to protect us. If we fully follow the rules implemented by our governments then we can avoid coronavirus. Although now the vaccine of coronavirus has arrived but still we should be careful. Because scientists say that the third wave of coronavirus may also come. so be very careful

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