Best sex time increase foods

Best sex time increase foods

Important point ⇒

Friends, don’t worry about your sex time. Because it’s not just your problem. There are many people here who are not satisfied with their sex time. Friends often do this with us. That when we have sex with our wife or our girlfriend, our semen is released within 5 to 10 minutes. And our partner is not satisfied. And you have to face the madness. Now just friends. Now you too will be able to increase your sex time. Only you have to follow all the things in the article we wrote. Best sex time increase foods

The reason for decreased sex time ⇒

Friends, in today’s time many people are very concerned about their sex power. In such a situation, let us tell you that sex power does not decrease on its own. Lack of sex power can also be due to many reasons.

  Decreased testosterone levels.
♦  Decreased sexual stamina.
♦  Impotence.
   To be old.
♦  To suffer from stress and anxiety.
Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Best sex time increase foods

Foods to improve your sex time ⇒

Strawberry = You’ll be surprised to know but it’s true. Strawberry is a sex-enhancing food.

Best sex time increase foods

Pomegranate = Drinking pomegranate juice increases testosterone hormone levels in both men and women. And blood circulation also increases. Due to which the excitement of sex also increases. And you can have sex for a long time.

Best sex time increase foods

Honey = Honey contains a mineral called boron. Which increases the hormone named testosterone. And also increases stamina. Which makes us excited for sex. And have sex for a long time

Best sex time increase foods

Egg = Egg contains acid L arginine, vitamin D, B5, B6. Which is very helpful and good in increasing our sex time.

Best sex time increase foods

Dark chocolate = Who would not know dark chocolate in today’s time. But do you know about the benefits of dark chocolate? If not, let me tell you that dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine chemicals. Also known as Love Chemical. When we eat it, our dopamine moves forward. And we get excited about sex. And because of this, we are able to enjoy sex for a long time.

Best sex time increase foods

There are more foods to increase the sex time like avodocoda, walnuts, spinach, onions, garlic, peaches, figs, watermelons, pumpkin seeds, bananas, raisins, etc.

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