10 disadvantages of milk tea

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Friends, who does not drink tea in today’s time. In today’s time, everyone likes to start their morning with tea. Now you call it hobby or habit it depends on you. It is always suspected in many people’s minds whether drinking tea is right or wrong. Are there any disadvantages of drinking tea? So after reading this article today, all your doubts will be dispelled.10 disadvantages of milk tea

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Friends, if you have a question whether drinking tea causes any harm to our body. So our answer is yes. Because actually drinking tea causes harm to our body. As you know, tea is made up of two components, sugar and caffeine. If you have diabetes then you should stay away from tea. I mean you should not drink tea. Because if you have diabetes and still you are drinking tea then you may have a lot of problems. Such as increased heartbeat. Kidney problem. There can be many problems such as high blood pressure. Similarly, caffeine can also cause you a lot of problems.

10 disadvantages of milk tea 

1 = slows down the process of digestion
2 = Vitamins and minerals derived from food do not allow complete observation in our body.
3 = Drinking tea makes our bones weak. Due to which joint pain, back pain, problems arise.
4 = Drinking tea also affects our heart, causing problems like BP high, stroke and heart attack.
5 = Drinking too much tea does not cause hunger
6= Drinking more tea does not make you sleepy. You must have seen many people resorting to tea to stay awake at night. By doing this the man becomes mentally ill.
7= drinking more tea reduces our thinking power
8 = Tea contains more oxalate, which increases the risk of kidney stone.
9 = Drinking more tea increases the chances of kidney damage.
10 = Drinking more tea causes lack of water in our body

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